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Greensboro giving back! Chiropractors volunteer to adjust medical staff, #GreensboroLocal t-shirts raising funds

The Greensboro community is uniting to help those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Pay it forward!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — I know everything seems bad right now. 

But if you look around, there is a good amount of good. 

Case in point: The Greensboro community is giving back in many ways during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

We just set the date for a blood drive. It will be held on our park... ing lot. All will be donated to our two local hospitals. The Date is Thursday 4/2/20 9:00am. More details and sign up to come. Please share this to get more donations.

Good Health Greensboro's chiropractors office off Battleground Avenue is stepping up to help those who are working around the clock to help us: emergency medical staff. 

"We really wanted to reach out to the emergency departments and just serve them," Dr. David Huff said.

Dr. Huff is volunteering his time to give free adjustments to healthcare workers at Moses Cone and Wesley Long Hospitals every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

 "We're working to reach out to other medical clinics that would have us, we're offering these services courtesy to them to make sure our community is supported as much as possible."

How will adjustments help them?

"Adjustments reduce the stress on your body so your body knows how to heal itself," Dr. Huff explained. 

"A lot of the staff it's really hard on their bodies constantly exposed to other people's stress," Amanda Szabo-Huff said. 

But the adjustments are also an immune boost to those who may be confronted with coronavirus patients.

"They know they're preparing for a storm," Szabo-Huff explained. "There's a history of chiropractors working alongside medical doctors during pandemics."

But the two are stepping up to the plate, out of the kindness of their hearts.

"This is our home it means a lot to us that we make it through, and we can," Szabo-Huff stated. 

Dr. Huff adjusted about 25 medical staff members at Moses Cone on Thursday, after reaching out on Tuesday.

"I reached out and they were like, yes, please come we all need this!" Szabo-Huff explained.

The pair encourages everyone to pay it forward in these difficult times!

"Every little thing we can do in our community, it's all about the favors you can do for your neighbors and everybody," Dr. Huff said.

Michelle Kennedy, the Executive Director of the Interactive Resource Center (IRC) certainly is paying it forward as well.

The IRC is working in conjunction with Triad Pawprints to make and sell T-shirts that say 'Greensboro Local' and 'Greensboro Hospitality United.'

"It's a big statement to our hospitality workers that this community cares about them," Kennedy said. "We know we're stronger together, we know we can bounce back from this, we know there are folks who help other folks and that's really what Greensboro Strong is all about."

Many may remember the Greensboro Strong shirts the IRC created following the devastating tornado in East Greensboro in 2018. In just a few short weeks, more than $75,000 was raised for tornado relief through the sale of those shirts. 

As of Friday night, $5,000 dollars has already been raised in preorders. The shirts are in the process of being made, and will be mailed out next week for those who purchased one.

Kennedy says all proceeds will be split evenly among hourly workers from participating venues. 

These are some of the restaurants benefiting from the sales (the list continues to grow):

1618, Little Brother Brewing, Natty Greene's Brewing Co., Grey's Tavern, Westerwood Tavern, Bites & Pints Gastro Pub, Garage Tavern, College Hill, Hops Burger Bar, Lindley Park Filling Station, Scrambled, Oden Brewing, Machete, Southend Brewing, Jerusalem Market on Elm, Pho Hien Vuong, Gibbs Hundred Brewing, and Joymongers Brewing Co.

To register staff of your restaurant or bar, contact: Kerry Nance at kerry@ircgso.org

You can purchase the T-shirts here.

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