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Halloween mask makers switch their business model to fight COVID-19

"It's self adhering and it's got the ability to have a reusable and replaceable filter"

PORTLAND, Conn. — Kim Murray and Leigh Radziwon, owners of StickFX, a company known for making silicone adhesive Halloween masks are now using their same know-how to create stick on medical masks for first responders and hospital personel. 

The new creations are called, "Mask Sealz". "It's self-adhering and it's got the ability to have a reusable and replaceable filter," Radziwon said. Murray added, "it's a silicone product so it's highly durable and the best thing about silicone is it can be sterilized."

Both Murray and Radziwon are working with prototypes and say that Jonal Laboratories in Meriden is preparing to help them make thousands of the much need protective masks by the end of next week. 

Radziwon said, "if you have the ability to help, we all need to pitch in and we are grateful that we have the skill, materials, and ability to make this." Murray then said, "we are seeing heart-wrenching appeal from nurses and doctors in terms of what they need and we just want to help if we can."

The reusable Mask Sealz are expected to retail for $10-$15. More information is available at www.masksealz.com