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Help from above for the West Hartford Fire Dept.

The drone was gifted to the West Hartford department from Airborne Works, a Hebron based drone company.

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — The West Hartford Fire Department will now be able to raise their game, with high tech. The fire department just received a drone to help them fight fires and tend to hazmat situations. The drone was gifted to the West Hartford department by NPS-DDP.org, which aims to provide free drones to assist first responders —The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program started a few years ago and has donated 20 drones to departments across the country. 

“Our tag line is an eye in the sky for every department in need,” said Mark Langley, the CEO at Airbourne Works, based in Hebron, and a founding member of the Drone Donation Program. 

“These folks are risking their lives, day and night,” said Langley, “and they need the best possible tools.”

Captain Keith Albert, a 19-year veteran of the West Hartford Fire Department said the new drone, which will work in daylight and darkness, gives firefighters another way to help the community stay safe. 

“This helps in so many ways,” Albert said. “In 30 seconds we can have it up and running – you think about when we’re a doing a search on Avon Mountain for a lost hiker, or when we have a hazmat situation. I can send that (Drone) in to see what’s going on before I have to risk any personnel.”

The new drone program is sponsored by AUTEL Robotics and FoxFury Lighting. In West Hartford, Albert noted, that the drone will also be available for use by the police department and for the public works department. 

Langley added, “there’s more happiness in giving than receiving and I get that every time we give a drone away.”

NPS-DDP.org is hoping to expand their drone donation program for first responders and they are looking for more corporate partners... To find out more click here

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