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Arkansas authorities seek fan, AC donations as temperatures rise

The Lonoke County Sheriff's Office is working to donate between 100-200 fans and about 50 AC units as temperatures rise in the state.

LONOKE, Arkansas — The Arkansas heat came a lot sooner than any of us expected and the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office was a little unprepared when people started calling them to ask for fans.

This weather has been nothing to joke about and it hasn't looked like it will be cooling down anytime soon.

In years past, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office has usually helped the community stay safe by providing free fans and air conditioning units to those who need them. But this year they've struggled with meeting the demand.

"We try to get donations early and uh build up a stockpile if you will," said Lieutenant James Hall with Lonoke County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office has provided the donations for last 8 years.

"This is something we started doing just to do because we were getting so many calls about people getting heat stroke," said Lt. Hall.

Being able to provide fans and air conditioning units for the public, all relies on donations.

Before they decided to put out a call for help, they weren't getting any donations at all. Right now, they have 8 fans and a couple air conditioning units. So they're still in need of more donations.

They have typically given out between 100-200 fans and about 50 A/C units each year. They would also deliver them to the homes and set them up to make sure they work.

Officers like Lieutenant Hall have said that they know this program works, and Hall hopes that it could one day be done by all Arkansas law enforcement agencies.

"If we can get donations brought in and get all 75 counties then we can really show not only what the state of Arkansas can do, but we can show the whole country that when you come together you can take care of a very very big problem," said Lt. Hall.

If you are in need of a fan or air conditioner, or  if you would like to donate, please call the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office at (501) 676-3001.

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