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Madison County Masking Ordinance in effect: Here's what you need to know

Starting July 7, a mandatory masking ordinance is in place in Madison County. But, there are a lot of different elements about the ordinance that you might not know.


Starting Tuesday, July 7, at 5:00 pm, a mandatory masking ordinance is in place in Madison County. But, there are a lot of different elements about the ordinance that you might not know about.


We spoke to locals to see how they feel about the ordinance. 

Sydney Taylor says, “I think it’s a great idea. Anything to do your part."

Rainy Lede tells our reporter, “Hopefully the masking ordinance lowers the number of COVID-19 cases. I think that the numbers are rising because of the lask of masks. The lack of social distancing.” 

Nleka Nuka says, “I mean if it helps anyone else out, it’s for the better.” 

I spoke with some who disagree with the new ordinance, but they declined to appear on camera. One man says it’s an infringement upon personal and constitutional rights.

According to the ordinance, you must wear some sort of face covering in any business open to the public, that includes any place from stores, bars, venues to government buildings. 

The ordinance also requires coverings on public transportation, this includes taxis or ride sharing. Masks are required in outdoor areas where ten or more people are gathered, but cannot social distance.

Businesses will now have to post signs alerting their customers that masks are required. 

One woman, who says she’s from out of state, says she was surprised when she didn’t see very many masks worn here and in neighboring states.

Bette Salmon, who's visiting from Pittsburgh, tells our reporter, “When I went through Nashville, I saw so many people without masks, I was horrified. I was like please stay away from me.” 

We asked her why she wears her mask. Salmon says, “Because I’m old (laughs)… I say that because I am over 60 so I am in the vulnerable population and I certainly don’t want to bring it home or give it to someone else.” 

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But, there are a few exceptions to the masking ordinance. Masks are not required when: 

* Children are younger than two years old

*People are eating and drinking

*When effective speaking is needed for those who are hearing impaired 

*In examination rooms like medical and dental offices

* Customers are getting hair care services-- can remove them temporarily, as needed. 

There are many more exceptions to the masking ordinance. CLICK HERE for a full list of all details regarding the Madison County Masking ordinance. 

The Masking Ordinance is in effect until further notice. 

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