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Mansfield, Windham officials ask residents and college students not to gather in large groups

This week, UConn had announced that students were removed from campus following an "unapproved gathering"

MANSFIELD, Conn. — Mansfield and Windham officials held a press conference Friday to discuss the need for residents (including college students) to refrain from gathering in large groups to socialize given the recent in-migration of people from across the state and country to Mansfield and Windham.

Mansfield and Windham leaders asked residents and students to keep gatherings limited, as thousands of students, faculty and staff are returning to the area. Leaders are asking that gatherings are limited to 25 people or less and the events are held outside. They continue to urge COVID safe practices including social distancing and hand washing.

“While young people are at a lower risk for serious illness and death, Mansfield is a community full of people of all ages, including a significant population of seniors, and others with pre-existing conditions that place them at high risk for COVID-19 complications,” said Mansfield Mayor Toni Moran. “We all shop at the same stores, eat at the same restaurants and walk in the same parks together. Since thousands of students, faculty and staff are returning to Mansfield right now from around the country and the world, we strongly urge all town residents to limit social gatherings and so that all of us can stay safe.”

The press conference comes three days after UConn announced several students were removed from campus after an "unapproved gathering. 

UConn said in a written statement released Tuesday evening, school officials were informed that several students were identified by residential life who attended the gathering. The university said the students who attended did not wear masks and were closely assembled. UConn continued by saying these actions put in danger not only the students who attended but others in the campus community. 

The students involved in the gathering were issued interim actions and removed from campus housing. 

UConn has stated that these actions do not speak for the 5,000 residents currently living on campus.  The university is still investigating the gathering.

On Wednesday, Uconn unveiled a COVID-19 Dashboard to show the University's COVID testing and its results. To view the dashboard, click here.

Six UConn football players had tested positive for COVID-19 which has led to all football activities to be canceled until further notice. 

The Huskies had already canceled its season because of the pandemic, but players were still practicing. 

The news hit the campus fast as some students say hearing players test positive made them uncomfortable, but in the same breath express confidence in the school protecting their students.  

Students hope the spread of the virus won’t affect their academic year. 

Abigail Moiles said, “We’re afraid that we’re going to go home but, in our building, and in our area we haven’t seen anything, but I know we’ve seen other stuff on social media and it’s a little scary, we don’t want to go home.  

Students say they do look forward to starting their school work which for many will still be online.  

As far as football goes, it may be quite some time before we see players compete on the turf.