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Memorial held for missing Jennifer Dulos in West Hartford almost one year since her disappearance

A group of women refreshed and revive a memorial set up for Jennifer Dulos at the entrance to the MDC reservoir on Albany Avenue

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. — The COVID pandemic has been an all-consuming thing for most of us.

Sheltering at home, educating kids, and putting food on the table are the priorities right now. 

But a group of women gathered in West Hartford today who’s minds and hearts have never strayed very far from Jennifer Dulos, and the tragic loss her disappearance represents.

They were here to refresh and revive a memorial set up for Jennifer at the entrance to the MDC reservoir on Albany Avenue in West Hartford.

The women met on Facebook, on a page dedicated to Justice for Jennifer. 

None of them knew Jennifer or the Dulos family, but the tragic story touched them all and motivated them to act.

Farmington's Caroline Rutenberg said she just wants everyone to know that Jennifer has not been forgotten.

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"Once you hear her story and see how much of an amazing mother she is, it just inspires you to do everything you can to try and bring closure and justice to the situation,” said Rutenberg. 

The seven women who came out today are from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

They say they came here today because nearly a year later they still want justice for Jennifer.

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What does that mean?

“I think, first and foremost, is finding her, and that would give the family a little closure," said Karen Marinaro, from Branford.

 All of the women who gathered here today are passionate advocates for domestic violence victims, and they hope and believe Jennifer’s case will spark change.

"I think that’s her greatest legacy, not only a mother but that she will be able to incite change,” says Marinaro.

This memorial is a way to remind the rest of us that justice has never been served in Jennifer’s case.

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