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Healthy Direction welcomes back Compass Fat Loss

Dr. Kusher from Compass Fat Loss talks about an exciting new partnership on this edition of Healthy Direction.

On this edition of Compass Fat Loss, Dr. Kusher explains the new testing process, called the Vitalscan, is a cutting-edge tool which allows them to dig much deeper into data related to cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors for patients. Things like sudden cardiac events, stroke, diabetes, neuropathy, inflammatory conditions…in a way they never could before. Then show patients clearly how the program can help.them 

Compass Fat Loss has aligned with Dr. Jeff Thompsen, a top cardiologist and medical director for Compass Fat Loss, to fully review all reports and guide those patients whom he feels may need a deeper dive into their risk factors, and provides the best in technology to do so.

Dr. Thompsen shares how the alliance with Dr. Kusher & Compass gives an opportunity to provide a level of care to those who need it most. At the Center for the Healthy Heart, they provide a deep analysis using lab studies, nuclear stress testing, echocardiography, vascular health, and other parameters which most patients never get to experience. The mutual goal is to uncover risk and treat it early so the patient never has to resort to more invasive procedures.

Healthy Direction is sponsored by Compass Fat Loss.

Credit: CFL

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