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Neighbor of Derby homicide victim says he heard screams and the floor shook

“I heard loud bang. I heard a girl scream and then I heard two people arguing."

DERBY, Conn. — A multi-state manhunt continues, as authorities search for Peter Manfredonia, 23, who is wanted in connection to the death of Ted DeMers and an assault of another man in Willington. Following that, Manfredonia allegedly fled to Derby. His car was found crashed near Osbourndale State Park.

Resident James Kay says he, “Woke up yesterday to a lot of excitement. A lot of cops. They were out back in Osbornedale State Park and they all wound up in front of my house.“

Police then descended on a home at 404 Roosevelt Drive where they found Manfredonia’s acquaintance, 23-year-old Nick Eisele dead. “The floor shook. As if somebody got slammed on the floor,” said Jesse, who lives on the 1st floor of the apartment home.

Nick lived upstairs. Jesse said he got home at about 3:30AM Sunday. He heard a commotion upstairs at about 5:30AM. “I heard loud bang. I heard a girl scream and then I heard two people arguing. It lasted about 5 or 6 minutes and then it just stopped.”

Jesse contemplated calling the cops but says the couple has argued before and didn’t want to seen nosey. “They argued like any couple does so I said well they are probably arguing. They had a good night and maybe didn’t get along. I didn’t know it was to this extent.“

It’s a phone call Jesse regrets not making. “I just felt guilty for not making that phone call. Maybe it might not have saved him but it would have caught him at least so that’s my guilt. I have to live with that.“

He says he’s now living in fear. He didn’t even stay at the home last night. “You don’t know if this guy is coming back or not.”

Later on that morning Jesse says Nick Eisele’s parents showed up to identify their son’s body. “I feel bad for Nick’s family. No father has to walk in that house and see their son dead so my heart goes out to them very much.“

Manfredonia allegedly stole Nick Eisele’s black Jetta and kidnapped Nick’s girlfriend. By Sunday afternoon, Nick’s girlfriend was found safe and the Jetta was also discovered by police in Paterson, New Jersey.

Manfredonia is a senior at UConn although we’re told he’s wasn’t living on campus at the time. State police say they’ll be holding another news conference Tuesday afternoon. They are calling this a very active and fluid situation since the suspect is still on the loose.

A gofundme was set up for Nick Eisele's family to help them. To donate, click here

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