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Berlin High School football team players, coaches under investigation

BERLIN — The state’s governing body on high school athletics is investigating Berlin High School’s football program for possible recruitment a...

BERLIN -- The state's governing body on high school athletics is investigating Berlin High School's football program for possible recruitment and conduct violations.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is looking into self-reported allegations that some team players may not be residents of Berlin, and actually live in New Britain. Investigators are also looking into whether athletic staff knew of any geographical issues and knowingly looked the other way in order to allow players to play on the team.

"We know there's an ongoing investigation with the CIAC and we're in full cooperation with the CIAC," said Viral Keshwala, attorney for the team's coach, John Capodice. "Every Berlin football player on the roster today is a legal resident of the Berlin town. The Board of Education approves that. My client is a teacher and a coach and that's his only responsibility."

Meanwhile fans of the Berlin Red Coats say they're not phased by the allegations and will stand by the home team until more facts are known.

"I don't like to see it," said Bruce Trevethan, a fourth-generation Berlin fan. "It shouldn't happen but I hope the investigation pans out that it becomes a non-issue. I don't think it's got any credibility but the investigation will bring it out."

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