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Four guys go on a fishing trip; end up making the catch of a lifetime

MADISON — Four guys go out for a weekend fishing trip and end up catching a deer. No, this isn’t the start of a joke–the pictures and videos f...
deer in the water

MADISON -- Four guys go out for a weekend fishing trip and end up catching a deer. No, this isn't the start of a joke--the pictures and videos from John Kurdy, Rob Kurdy, Lonny Thompson and Courtland Brown prove it.

"It think Courtland thought it was a log, with some branches or something then when he said deer that pretty much caught our attention," said John Kurdy.

The group was on its way back to Madison after being out on the water when they spotted the young buck wading in the waters, about five miles offshore. The deer appeared to be in distress.

"We all see him struggling, shaking a little and we knew it was getting cold out and we knew it was cold the water is only 50 to 60 degrees," said Rob Kurdy.

The group decided to throw a lifeline to the deer and slowly tow him back to shore at 2 mph. It took more than an hour, but they persevered.

"I drape the rope over his antlers, Robby and I kinda pull him closer to the boat, John said is he okay, is he safe? Is he nice and close? I'm going to try and ease into the gas a little bit and we'll tow him closer to land," said Lonny Thompson.

The group eventually reached shore but the deer couldn't swim on his own, so Rob jumped into the water and carried him back to the beach. There, neighbors chipped in with blankets and jackets to try and warm the deer back up.

"I could feel him shivering," said Rob.

After some time in the sun, the deer was able to get back up and make his way off into the woods. He seemed shaken up but was okay.

"I can't make this up," said John. "That's how it went down."