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Clinton teen who flew drone with gun attached arrested for assaulting 2 officers

CLINTON — A Clinton teen, who’s gone viral twice with two different drone videos, was arrested and is facing several charges. Police say the inciden...
Austin Haughwout

CLINTON -- A Clinton teen, who's gone viral twice with two different drone videos, was arrested and is facing several charges.

Police say the incidents with Austin Haughwout, 18, stem from an encounter last Sunday at the Henry Carter Hull Library. According to court documents, an officer on routine patrol noticed a car parked in a dark part of the library parking lot. Police say the teenager was verbally confrontational and tried to drive off but was stopped again. After another series of conversations with officers, he is let go but an arrest warrant is later issued.

No one from the Haughwout family wished to do an on camera interview with Fox CT but Austin's father says his son's car had a camera mounted on it and that it proves Austin's innocence. This is that video:


Around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening  police called Haughwout on the phone and asked him to surrender on an outstanding warrant stemming from an incident that occurred on Sunday, July 19. The warrant charged him with interfering with an officer and failure to obey an officers signal. Haughwout arrived at the police department just after 8 p.m.

But soon after he arrived, police say Haughwout tried to leave. As a result, a physical altercation ensued between Haughwout and the officer.

According to police, during the altercation, Haughwout physically assaulted two officers by striking and kicking at them repeatedly. The officers sustained minor injuries.

Haughwout was then brought to the cell area where he started having trouble breathing.   As a precaution, Haughwout was immediately transported to Middlesex Memorial Shoreline Clinic in Westbrook for an evaluation. Once being medically cleared, Haughwout was released from the hospital and returned to the Clinton Police station for processing on the criminal charges.

Austin's father disputes this saying his son was assaulted in the lobby, roughed up, and blacked out, later waking up in the hospital.

In addition to the charges on the original warrant, Haughwout was charged with 2 counts of assault on an officer, and a single count of interfering with an officer. Haughwout was held on a $20,000 bond and was arraigned at Middlesex Superior court Thursday.

Haughwout first made headlines in June of 2014 when he was attacked on a beach by woman calling him a pervert for flying his drone over the public space.

Then, last week, he posted a video on YouTube that showed him firing a gun he attached to the drone.

Police say neither the incident with police on July 19 nor the Wednesday incident at the police station are related to the recent media attention that he received regarding those drone videos.