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EXCLUSIVE: Former Bristol swim coach caught on video allegedly trying to meet underage boy

BRISTOL — A former Bristol high school swim coach was caught on camera allegedly trying to meet up with an underage boy. Nicholas Daddabbo, 26, of Plainvi...

BRISTOL -- A former Bristol high school swim coach was caught on camera allegedly trying to meet up with an underage boy.

Nicholas Daddabbo, 26, of Plainville,  has not been charged with a crime, but Bristol Police have confirmed that a complaint was filed by the Bristol Board of Education after someone watched the video online. Now the police are investigating.

He was caught on camera by a group known as the Pop Squad.

“I’m looking for my friend Mike,” Daddabbo can be heard saying in the video as the Pop Squad approached.

“You work around children, swim coach or something correct?” asked Nito, the Founder of Pop Squad.

“Mmmhmm,” said Daddabbo. “True or false?” asked Nito. “True,” admitted Daddabbo. “YMCA right?” asked Nito. “Adults, yeah,” said Daddabbo.

Daddabbo is shown on camera pulling into the driveway of a home in Bristol where the POP Squad says he thought he was meeting a 14 year old boy who he allegedly chatted with about performing sexual favors.

“After knowing the age, he decided to continue conversation and it became sexually explicit and he set up a meet,” said Nito in an exclusive interview with Fox 61.

The Pop Squad describes themselves as a movement meant to stop internet predators from preying on innocent children.

“You are trembling. Your heart rate is through the roof right now,” said Nito on the video as Daddabbo pulled out his phone to show him his online conversations. That’s when he turns defiant.

“This is the conversation I have,” said Daddabbo, “There’s no name in here.”

The Pop Squad handed over all his information to police.  “All the chat logs from A-Z first contact to him in the driveway of what he believed to be the child’s house. The raw video footage and the statement when we set up a meeting to actually be face to face.”

Daddabbo was a swim coach at Bristol Eastern High School. In a statement,  the superintendent said, “Following notification of a posting on social media, Nick Daddabbo is no longer employed by the Bristol Board of Education.”

Parents and students were meeting Monday at Bristol Eastern High School to address allegations against a former swim coach.

Carina DiChello, one of his former students, a relative of a FOX61 employee, said, “He definitely picked and choosed which students he was closest with."

Carina had Daddabbo as her coach her junior and senior years, when Daddabbo was right out of college.

“He would talk about his college parties with students and what he did at them and him and his girlfriend’s relationship. To me that’s just not as professional as you would think a coach should be,” said DiChello.

Carina’s father said he raised concerns to school leaders about Daddabbo, but says nothing was done.

“He at that point had said that that was the first he had heard of it and didn’t know anything about it and so on,” said Michael DiChello.

Nicholas Daddabbo also worked at the Meriden YMCA where his position has been posted and his bio has been removed from the website.

“We are aware of the allegations against a member of our staff and are working with local and state authorities as part of their investigation,” they said in a statement to Fox 61.

No one answered at his home in Plainville. Neighbors, who did not want to go on camera, told us Daddabbo has a wife and children. Police say he’s had no significant past involvement with law enforcement.

Only parents and students were invited to Monday’s meeting at Bristol Eastern High School.