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Family speaks out after arrest in Danbury officer involved shooting

DANBURY – A mother is beside herself after learning about the events that unfolded on July 3rd in Danbury. “Send every unit you got, he’s walking ri...

DANBURY - A mother is beside herself after learning about the events that unfolded on July 3rd in Danbury.

"Send every unit you got, he’s walking right at us," said a Danbury officer.

Police transmissions capture the moments right before Aaron Boufford, 31, was shot by police while walking across a soccer field. He was holding two butcher knives.

"Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired, shots fired," said an officer. "Suspect’s down. Handcuffs."

Quicker than in years past, The State Police released extensive information Tuesday including those recordings.

Connecticut State Police arrested Boufford on breach of peace in the first degree, disorderly conduct, third degree assault and second degree threatening in the events leading up to the shooting.

Police say Boufford was struck three times by rounds to the thigh, pelvis and finger. His family says that’s not completely true, Rather he was shot five times.

His family was unavailable to speak on camera but told FOX61 that one round is still stuck in his back near his spine. His cousin saying doctors feel it is too close to his spine to operate on out of fear of possible paralysis during surgery.

Shots were fired after Danbury Police received multiple 9-1-1 calls around 11 a.m. July 3rd about a disturbance involving Boufford at a treatment facility for people struggling with substance abuse.

"How many people is he fighting with," asked a dispatcher.
"He started with a staff member, so one, and then now I heard it’s another client that’s in our detox unit," said the caller.

The fights escalated, spilling outside of the facility. Staff were briefly able to separate everyone involved.

Police say Boufford returned with two butcher knives in hand.

"He has returned with a knife," said a caller. "The police are looking for him beforehand."

Danbury Police would arrive on scene to find Boufford roaming a soccer field behind the facility. They say after all attempts to get Boufford to drop the knives failed, Danbury Police Officer Alex Relyea fired at the suspect.

Boufford’s family feels more could have been done before that point. His mother told FOX61 that her son never heard police tell him to drop his weapons. She wants to see more proof to show such force was necessary.

Boufford’s mother also told FOX61 that they have hired a civil lawyer to represent her son. She added that her son is battling addiction and needs help, rather than be put behind bars.
Officer Relyea was involved in a similar officer involved shooting in December that left another knife wielding suspect dead. As is protocol, Officer Relyea is currently on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.