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Hartford stadium behind schedule, over budget

HARTFORD —  Developers of the Dunkin’ Donuts Park have informed the The Hartford Stadium Authority that they may not have the facility finished on t...
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HARTFORD --  Developers of the Dunkin' Donuts Park have informed the The Hartford Stadium Authority that they may not have the facility finished on time or budget.

“Our agreement with DoNo Hartford LLC is for a $56 million ballpark with a substantial completion date of March 11 and ready for opening day on April 7, 2016,” Charles Matthews, the chair of the Hartford Stadium Authority, said in a statement Monday. “DoNo Hartford LLC has informed us that the ballpark may not be ready until late spring and that there is a $10 million shortfall.”

Cost overruns have been caused by the rerouting of Trumbull Street, a major part of the road reconstruction for the project, was running about $2 million more than scheduled according to the Hartford Courant. Developers have also  cut back on features of the stadium in order to cut costs.

DoNo Hartford claims the city made changes to the developer's original designs that have increased the cost of the project.

Bob Landino with DoNo LLC, says he was surprised to get a press release from the Hartford Stadium Authority claiming they were several months behind schedule and several million dollars over budget. He says DoNo was under the impression they had total control over the design.

But, both the city and the project developer for the Yard Goats stadium, Bob Landino with DoNo LLC say they will work on ironing out the differences between them.

"The drawings that were designed were substantially different and more expensive than exhibited in the original contract. So we spent several months with writing proposals to the city at a reduced cost and virtually all were rejected," said Landino.

He also says they got their official assignment of the architects contract from the city for months late.

The Stadium Authority expects the developer to clarify the schedule and cost of the project by Wednesday at 1 p.m., and the two have agreed to work together to iron out any differences that still exist.