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Lamont chastised Stefanowski for ‘deafening silence’ on Kavanaugh

HARTFORD — Did he or didn’t he? The bombshell sexual assault allegation facing U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh has captivated the nation and the peop...
lamont and stefanowski

HARTFORD — Did he or didn’t he?

The bombshell sexual assault allegation facing U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh has captivated the nation and the people running for governor of Connecticut are weighing in.

Ned Lamont held a news conference, Oz Griebel met us at the Capitol, Bob Stefanowski and Rod Handscomb sent us a statements and Mark Stewart Greenstein declined — saying he didn’t know enough about the issue.

Democrat Ned Lamont stood on the steps of the state Supreme Court to chastise his opponent, Republican Bob Stefanowski for what the campaign called his “deafening silence” on Kavanaugh.

“You can’t take a pass on this. The governor is not just the CFO of the state, you are also the leader of the state,” said Lamont.

Lamont is referring to Wednesday’s debate where Stefanowski said, “I’m going to pass on that. That’s a federal issue.”

After the debate wrapped up, FOX61 pressed Stefanowski to answer the question.

Matt: “Why did you defer on Kavanaugh?”

Stefanowski: “First of all that’s a serious issue, to have that question be part of a lightning round?”

Matt: “How would you answer it then? You have the opportunity to expand and elaborate now.”

Stefanowski: “I’ve got 3 daughters. I think any allegation should be taken seriously and looked at and I trust that that’s what’s happening in Washington over this week.”

Stefanowski sent FOX61 the following statement Friday:

"As I said before, allegations of sexual assault absolutely must be taken seriously. The Kavanaugh confirmation is no exception. Our United States Senators should carefully examine the entirety of the testimony, witnesses statements and evidence before the vote.

However, I am running for Governor of Connecticut and not for United States Senate.

The coming election is about Connecticut and the issues we face here. While I have no decision making authority over nominations to the United States Supreme Court, As governor, I will ensure that any and all nominations I make to Connecticut's courts are individuals who are highly qualified and have demonstrated outstanding moral character,” responded Stefanowski."

Christine Blasey Ford is one of three woman alleging sexual misconduct, which Judge Kavanaugh vehemently denies.

Independent Oz Griebel said he agrees with American Bar Association — which called for an independent investigation into Judge Kavanaugh.

“That, to me, makes all the sense in the world. You obviously have a woman who has come forward who is very credible,” Griebel said.

"The Kavanugh hearings are a complete national disgrace, said Libertarian Candidate Rod Handscomb. “It is party politics at its worst.”

Democratic State Senator Beth Bye told Fox 61 she’s upset with the Republican judiciary committee members.

“It’s beyond my imagination. I am so angry at them.”

Fredrica Gray is a sexual assault survivor. She said she was forced to engage in a sexual encounter when a man broke into her home.

“No matter what I do or where I go or how successful or unsuccessful I may be, I will remember that and it will play in my head.”

Ford named three other people who she said were at the party where the assault allegedly occurred. They have all said they don’t recall being at a party or knowing of any assault.