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Warrant in Dulos disappearance case: Blood found at scene; Prosecutors expect more charges

NEW CANAAN  — Details are emerging from the arrest warrant for the estranged husband of a missing New Canaan woman and his girlfriend on charges of evidenc...
Dulos Triconis Court

NEW CANAAN  — Details are emerging from the arrest warrant for the estranged husband of a missing New Canaan woman and his girlfriend on charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution.

According to the arrest warrant, during a check of Jennifer Dulos’  residence in New Canaan, police located several stains on the garage floor and on a vehicle parked in the garage which had the appearance of blood stains. Based on crime scene processing, investigators came to the consensus that a serious physical assault had occurred at the scene and that Jennifer Dulos was the suspected victim.

State Police found a large quantity of physical evidence in the garage area and inside the home, at 69 Welles Lane, New Canaan. According to the warrant, stains on garage floor tested positive for human blood with multiple areas of suspected blood spatter. The warrant said there was evidence of an attempt to clean the scene.

According to the warrant, the day after Jennifer Dulos was reported missing, her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, went to the New Canaan police Department with his attorney. Police seized his iPhone. But, to date, Dulos has declined to cooperate with the investigation. An arrest warrant said Troconis has refused to cooperate with investigators.

According to the warrent, Fotis Dulos’ cell phone traveled back-and-forth between two properties he owns in Farmington throughout the day on 5/24, which is when his estranged wife went missing. At 7:10 PM records show his phone and his girlfriends traveled to area of Albany Ave, Hartford. Police and fire departments searched that area for evidence on Friday.

New Canaan authorities announced Sunday the arrests of 51-year-old Fotis Dulos and 44-year-old Michelle Troconis. Both were detained on $500,000 bond in Norwalk Superior Court. If they to post bond, they will be required to wear GPS bracelets and surrender their passport.

Michelle Troconis posted bond at $500,000 in the case of the missing mother. She released later Monday.

Prosecutors said the expect file additional charges.

The FBI was also searching Waveny Park on Monday.

Dulos did not post bond and was returned to lockup. Troconis is expected to post bond Monday, according to her lawyer.

Fotis Dulos was taken in and out of court in an orange jumpsuit as reporters yelled questions at him.

Police continued their search efforts at two Farmington locations. Over two dozen units including K-9’s searched a property at 80 Mountain Springs Road. The home was being renovated by Fotis and Jennifer's real estate company Fore Group. Neighbors said the house was empty and was used as a model home. FOX61 took photographs of his black SUV that was left outside of the hotel.

FOX61 has exclusive drone footage of the 10,100 sq. ft. home as the search continued. The home sits on five acres of land and is listed at just under three million dollars.

FOX61 talked with a neighbor in the area who was shocked by the whole thing. She called Fotis a friend and mentioned he planned to renovate the rest of the neighborhood.

Just two miles away police continued their multi-day search of Fotis’ Farmington home. Multiple cruisers and patrols could be seen entering and exiting the property along Jefferson crossing.

On Friday, FOX61 obtained exclusive footage of Fotis being escorted off the property to give hair and DNA samples. A buccal swab of DNA from Dulos’ cheek was taken, as well as a hair sample, the source told FOX61. We’re told an attorney was present during the procedure and no questioning took place.

Police have obtained warrants for body and location searches. The number of and the locations of those warrants have not been released.

Fifty-year-old Jennifer Dulos went missing May 24 after dropping her kids off at school. Police have already searched locations in several towns, including a park in New Canaan where Jennifer Dulos' vehicle was found.

Jennifer and Fotis Dulos have been embroiled in a contentious divorce and child custody case for the past two years.

It wasn't immediately clear if Fotis Dulos and Troconis have criminal court lawyers who could respond to the allegations.

The criminal investigation brought police to Hartford’s Upper Albany Friday afternoon searching storm drains, dumpsters and trash cans for evidence. The Hartford Fire Department said nothing was found in the Albany Avenue storm drain when they assisted in the search.

Warrant in Dulos disappearance case: Blood found at scene; Prosecutors expect more charges

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