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Quinnipiac President and alumni march in New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade

NEW YORK — Quinnipiac Alumni marched in the St. Patrick’s Day parade Saturday morning. While they’ve been marching for the past 3 decades, thi...

NEW YORK -- Quinnipiac Alumni marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade Saturday morning. While they've been marching for the past 3 decades, this year is even more special because it's University President, John Lahey's last year marching as president before he retires.

Quinnipiac University alum boarded buses early Saturday morning to march in the parade. About 200 alum walked down Fifth Avenue decked out in Irish green and waving to the large crowd.

The man behind Quinnipiac University marching in the parade is president John Lahey who started the tradition when he became President of the school about 3 decades ago.

"I grew up Irish, so being part of this parade is part of the tradition of my life but it's been special for me to have Quinnipiac become involved," Lahey said.

People who walked in the parade on behalf of Quinnipiac said they thankful they were able to experience it with Lahey has president one last time.

"It was really nice to shake his hand I haven't seen him since I've graduated," said Andrew Ciaravino, an alum of Quinnipiac. "My sophomore year I studied abroad. If it wasn't for Lahey I don't know if I would ever have had that experience."

"When my husband went to Quinnipiac, it was two very small buildings on Whitney Avenue, nothing like it is now it's just phenomenal what he's done for the school," said Christine Begina, who is married to an alum of the school, and marched in the parade.