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Text messages reveal final moments before baby Aaden’s death

MIDDLETOWN–The arrest warrant charging Tony Moreno with murder in the death of his son, Aaden, shows a turbulent relationship between him and the 7-month-...
Tony and Aaden Moreno

MIDDLETOWN–The arrest warrant charging Tony Moreno with murder in the death of his son, Aaden, shows a turbulent relationship between him and the 7-month-old’s mother in the minutes, days, weeks and months leading up to Tony’s suicide attempt and Aaden’s death.

Adrianne Oyola, Aaden’s mother, told officers when they interviewed her following the incident that she had lived with Tony, his mother and his brother from February 2013 to June 17, 2015, and that in the months leading up to her moving out the couple was not getting along.

Court documents show Oyola feared something like this would happen. She applied for a restraining order on June 17 against Moreno saying, “He has told me he could make my son disappear anytime of the day.”

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She also told the court that a month or so before Aaden died, Tony pushed her off of a bed, which caused her to fracture her ankle, and in April Tony was watching Aaden and left him alone on a bed upstairs, and then left the house. Moreno said he didn’t purposely push her off the bed, but she was sitting there when he straightened his legs and then she was pushed off. He says she got up and started kicking things around the room “like a 3-year-old.”

Oyola said she decided to move out on the day of her graduation from high school, June 16, after she says Tony hid her newly purchased graduation dress. She said that at that point she applied for and received a temporary restraining order against Tony, and that she had sole custody of Aaden. She also said the restraining order wasn't extended by the judge.

You can read the entire transcript from the Moreno restraining order hearing here.

Since the restraining order wasn't continued, Oyola and Moreno drew up their own custody agreement. She said she wanted to change something about the agreement, and Tony agreed to talk about it. When she called on July 5 at 8 p.m. Tony was very upset, and she doesn't know why. He demanded to know where she was.

A few hours later the two text messaged back and forth for just under 25 minutes before Moreno says he threw Aaden into the river and before he then jumped.

Here are the text messages exactly as they were sent. "A" refers to Adrianne, and "T" refers to Tony. They have not been edited.

11:18 T to A: I really need to talk to you
11:21 A to T: I was trying to talk to my friend. She just broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to talk to me Sorry I'm trying to be a good friend
11:21 T to A: Well I'm sorry there was a problem regarding our son
11:22 A to T: What's going on.
11:23 A to T: ?!
11:23 A to T: Why didn't you say that instead of saying I need to talk to you.
11:23 T to A: Clearly nothing that matters to you. And why would I say I NEED to talk to you if it wasn't important
11:24 A to T: What was the matter?
11:26 T to A: Don't worry, you'll see later. Just remember I tried contact you first
11:26 A to T: Just tell me!
11:27 A to T: Are you in the hospital?
11:29 T to A: No, and again it doesn't matter now. Just remember you wanted to play games and lie and be childish when I tried to reach out
11:30 A to T: Okay Tony. Good night I'll talk to you tomorrow or Tuesday
11:30 T to A: No you won't
11:30 A to T: What do you mean no?!
11:32 T to A: You won't talk to me tomorrow or any other day
11:33 A to T: Tuesday is my day. So yes I'll text you in the morning to see when you'll be dropping off Aaden
11:33 T to A: I won't be
11:33: A to T: Tuesday is my day
11:34 T to A: There is no more days Adrienne
11:34 A to T: Wtf you mean?!
11:35 T to A: Enjoy your new life without us
11:35 A to T: You can't just decide not to bring him back Tony
11:37 A to T: It says in the agreement that Tuesday is my day
11:38 A to T: You can't just not bring him!
11:39 A to T: Tony!!!!
11:41 A to T: Seriously. Don't play around like that. Please don't try and take him from me!!!!
11:41 T to A: You tried to take him away from me. You failed. I didn't
11:42 T to A: Enjoy your life without us now
11:42 A to T: Where are you?!
11:43 A to T: Tony I'm trying to make this co parent thing work!
11:44 T to A: Your not a parent anymore
11:44 A to T: I'm trying to get along with you for Aaden and your guns do this?!
11:44 A to T: You can't just up and leave with Aaden
11:45 A to T: Where are you!
11:45 A to T: Where's Aaden?
11:45 T to A: He's dead
11:45 T to A: And soon I will be too
11:45 A to T: Don't day that!!!!
11:46 A to T: Your playing right now! Please tell me your kidding!!!!!!!!
11:48 A to T: Your ****** kidding me!!!!!!
11:49 A to T: Don't ******* talk like that
11:49 A to T: You couldn't kill your own son!
11:50 A to T: Tony
11:52 A to T: Please don't hurt Aaden
11:53 A to T: Please!!!!!!!!

A Change.org petition has been launched to have "Aaden's Voice" made a law. "To have a voice for small children in Protective orders in courts to be heard," the petition said.