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Waterbury police went looking for murder suspect’s mom, instead found 3 abandoned dogs

WATERBURY — As Waterbury Police continue their search for the person responsible for killing a teenager, they’re also dealing with a case of animal ...
Waterbury abandoned pit bulls

WATERBURY -- As Waterbury Police continue their search for the person responsible for killing a teenager, they're also dealing with a case of animal abuse at the key suspect's mother's home.

Shortly after police named Eric Malone a suspect in the November 5 shooting death of 17 year-old Jahliek Dieudonne, they spoke with his mother, who lives at a home on Green Mount Terrace. Now, she's nowhere to be found, and three pit bulls were left behind in her home.

Shari Posa and Katie Ouellette with Super Paws, an animal rescue, say they took action when they were told Waterbury Animal Control wasn’t helping.

They say the property owner and landlord of the home is in Texas, and called to tell them about the dogs. The landlord called Super Paws Saturday asking for help in taking custody of the dogs after getting nowhere with Animal Control.

Posa and Ouellette went to check on the dogs. Two were taken out successfully and one, who they named Lucy, was left behind because she was aggressive. “She went for the fight. She didn't back off after a fight,” said Ouellette.

Waterbury Police say they must wait 24 hours after receiving a call to decide if in fact the dogs' owner abandoned them. That explained why Lucy was still in the home Sunday, and maybe even Monday, but on Tuesday Ouellette and Posa went to Waterbury Police to ask why Lucy hadn't been rescued.

Deputy Chief Fred Spagnolo said, “So, this is news to me. So, thank you for reporting it to us. We will send a police officer and Animal Control to the residence.”

Minutes later, Animal Control arrived at the home and took Lucy.

Super Paws is now the owner of the dog, which the landlord of the property signed off on it.

Ouellette and Posa want to help Lucy. Ouellette says, “The dog does what it is taught to do. If it's taught to be aggressive, it will be aggressive. As a rescue, we're trying to commit to her and get her the training she needs and I feel every dog should be awarded that.”

Ouellette says it'll costs up to $3,000 a month to train Lucy, plus she still needs a forever home. The two other dogs are safe, but also need permanent homes. If you want to help out in any way, click here.