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FOX61 Student News: Switching to reusable bags

Residents making more environmentally friendly decisions

MADISON, Connecticut — Story By Nick Lynch, Brian Beirne / Daniel Hand High, Madison

10 cents. 

So minuscule but so but so critical at the same time. Since the start of 2020, stores locally are switching to 10 cent paper bags from environmentally devastating plastic ones. 

The town of Madison has instituted a new act to eliminate plastic bags entirely. 

The positive impact is being led by Fran Brady, the founder of the ´Bring Your Own´ campaign. The ´bring your own´ campaign has caused a ripple effect throughout the state as now all stores state wide are mandated to put a 10 cent price on their paper bags. 

Plastic bags have caused many problems in our community. It's time to start making more eco-friendly decisions.