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FOX61 Student News: The Whole Child

From Daniel Hand High School in Madison

MADISON, Connecticut — Story by Nick Paolella

In a world of screens, social media and video games, a family and consumer science class at Daniel Hand will take you as close to reality, as possible. Mr Becker, family and consumer science teacher at Daniel Hand teaches this useful and exciting elective called, the whole child. 

This class challenges students to physically interact with a toy baby, for a closer look into the responsibilities of parenting and caretaking. Maddy Jones said, "It's a lot of responsibility, especially when you're woken up in the middle of the night and you have to figure out what's wrong, you have to figure out if you either have to feed the baby, or change it's diaper, or change it's clothes." 

After the student has taken care of the baby they will receive a grade on how well they did. This process gives the student important feedback for the future. Mr.Becker said, "I want them to realize how much work goes into being a parent and come away with the distinct sense that they're not ready for it. After being taken through this incredibly unique elective these students have come to the realization that parenting is no child's play."

After changing a lot of diapers, these students' minds are also changing. As the reality of parenting sets in, back in the box they go.

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