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Plymouth Police Union sets up donation page for beefalo's 'bail'

Police set up the Go Fund Me page so they could buy Buddy the beefalo from its owner and have him live out his life at an animal sanctuary

Beefalo Watch 2020 continues with a twist.  Now, the Plymouth Police Union has set up a Go Fund Me page for Buddy the beefalo's "bail". 

Police said the money raised in the campaign will be used to purchase Buddy from his owner. 

The search and the story around it have caused public concern about Buddy's fate once he was captured. It was reported that Buddy had escaped an animal products factory several weeks ago. Many people had responded to social media posts regarding the search, saying Buddy should remain free, or if captured, should be sent to a farm or animal sanctuary.

The union said once Buddy is in their custody, he will be released to an animal sanctuary so he can live out the rest of his life in "beefalo luxury".

Police continue to search for Buddy the beefalo.

You can donate Buddy's bail fund here.

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