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Residents warned of phone scam where the calls claim to be Shelton police officer

The scammers use the police department's caller ID and demand gift cards.
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Police are warning residents of particular scam phone call, where the caller receives a message from person saying they are part of Shelton police. 

Residents receive a phone call Shelton Detective Richard Bango, who is an actual officer at the department. The caller ID has the legitimate department's number of 203-924-1544. Police said that the caller will then demand gift cards be sent to a legitimate address. The caller will then ask for the gift card number and pin over the phone. 

Police said that any real law enforcement officer would not demand money or gift cards. 

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Scammers use a technique called, "spoofing." This is how they can rig a caller ID that can look like they're calling from the police department. 

Police are asking anyone who receives a call from someone saying they are from Shelton Police Officer and are not sure if it is legitimate, tell the caller that you will call them back on routine line. The routine line of the Shelton Police Department is (203) 924-1544.