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European doctor plans to continue providing Texas women with abortion pills

Based in Austria, Dr. Gomperts created Aid Access - an organization that helps women get abortion pills.

HOUSTON — The Supreme Court has agreed to fast-track challenges to Texas' new abortion law. The Justices will hear arguments on Nov. 1, but for now, the law remains in effect.

It’s anti-abortion vs. pro-choice yet again.

Women in Texas are banned from having an abortion after about six weeks into their pregnancy.

In a seven-page opinion, Justice Sonia Sotomayor called the impact of the law “catastrophic,” saying, “because of the court’s failure to act today, that relief, if it comes, will be too late for many.”

In the meantime, there are people trying to help provide services, like Dr. Rebecca Gomperts.

“We have nine U.S. providers who are licensed and serving 18 states, and then, if you’re in any of the other states, then Dr. Gomperts is the provider for the other states," Aid Access U.S. Provider Christie Pitney said. “We have a unique opportunity with Dr. Gomperts being in Europe that we’re able to provide telehealth abortion to all 50 states.”

Based in Austria, Gomperts created Aid Access - an organization that helps women get abortion pills.

The website states their European doctors can provide the prescriptions from a trustworthy pharmacy in India that will ship the medicines by mail.

And because it's outside the U.S., Aid Access said it plans to continue mailing abortion pills no matter what law a state may pass.

“Being outside in Europe, kind of puts her in this nice gray area where she’s still able to provide that care," Pitney said. “It’s essential healthcare that everyone should have access to and so we’re going to continue to provide that care.”

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