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Two 99-year-old women and great friends continue volunteering at Johnson Memorial Hospital

STAFFORD SPRINGS — They’re known as “The Two Marys” and they’ve made their rounds helping people at Johnson Memorial Hospital for ...

STAFFORD SPRINGS -- They're known as "The Two Marys" and they've made their rounds helping people at Johnson Memorial Hospital for decades.

Mary Alsing and Mary Guglielmo have a lot in common. They both began volunteering their time at Johnson Memorial back in the 1970's and both women are 99-years-old.

Mary Guglielmo, from Stafford, says she has always enjoyed volunteering and helping the staff in the ER.

"I get blankets and I talk to them [patients and nurses] and give them water and make them comfortable," Mary Alsing, from Somers, said she still looks forward to working the juice cart but patient visits top the list. "I like to feel like I'm cheering them up."

Both Marys have been donating their time and talents for close to 40 years, a stat that Johnson Memorial Hospital president Stu Rosenberg is well aware of.

"They're our everyday heroes," Rosenberg said. "They really send a message to all of us about the passion for what they do."

The two great grandmothers say they are intent on serving a greater good so their volunteering will continue "as long as my legs are carrying me," Guglielmo laughed.

They are both looking ahead to May, when they will turn 100 -- just 16 days apart.