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Michelle Troconis’ new lawyer files four motions with hopes to exonerate her charges

HARTFORD – Now that Jennifer Dulos’ husband and the suspect in her murder, Fotis Dulos is dead, there has been movement in the criminal cases surrou...

HARTFORD - Now that Jennifer Dulos' husband and the suspect in her murder, Fotis Dulos is dead, there has been movement in the criminal cases surrounding another suspect.

Michelle Troconis was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and now has a new lawyer.

Troconis' previous lawyer was Andrew Bowman. Her new lawyer, Jon Schoenhorn told me Troconis had the right to change lawyers anytime and she decided it was time for a change.

Schoenhorn said she has nothing to do with the crime.

"Michelle is innocent of these charges and we're going to fight them," said Schoenhorn.

Dulos was declared dead last Thursday and since then, many have been wondering who will spill the truth after all.

"The energy, the finger-pointing starts going towards whoever is still around and I'm afraid that's going to be Michelle and we're going to vigorously defend against those charges," added Schoenhorn.

Schoenhorn pointed to Dulos' suicide note as a key piece in Troconis' case. In it, Dulos wrote that Troconis and third suspect, Kent Mawhinney had nothing to do with Jennifer's disappearance.

"Mr. Dulos' passing ... he did leave a suicide note and under our law, that is admissible as a dying declaration on behalf of someone who is exonerated in that dying declaration," added Schoenhorn.

Four motions were filed by Schoenhorn Wednesday morning and three were provided to FOX61.

  1. Schoenhorn wants Andrew Bowman who hand over all of his files directly to him
  2. Case should be transferred from Stamfrod to Hartford
  3. Troconis should be released from house arrest

Schoenhorn said her GPS bracelet has left a visible sore on her ankle and house arrest has prevented her from seeing her 15-year old daughter who attends school out-of-state.

When asked if he will be attempting to reduce her bond, Schoenhorn said that will depend on Troconis' financial need.

He argued her being on house arrest prevented her from seeking proper employment and in turn, receiving reasonable income.

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