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Mom passes bar exam after taking test while in labor

Brianna Hill began remotely taking the bar exam while in labor, then finished the test in her hospital room after she gave birth.
Credit: Brianna Hill

CHICAGO — A Loyola University graduate and new mom is celebrating after a big accomplishment: passing the bar exam.

It's quite the feat in and of itself, but Hill's accomplishment is even more impressive because she gave birth during the test.

Brianna Hill started the test remotely back in October. Minutes after she began, she went into labor.

"I didn't think about it because I was in the test," she told NBC Chicago. 

During a break, Hill made a few important calls and then went back to finish the rest of her exam.

"I cleaned myself up, called my husband and the test kept going," she said.

She completed the first portion of the test, then had her baby several hours later at the hospital. She spent the next day taking the final part of the exam in a hospital room they set aside for her, complete with a "do not disturb" sign on the door.

Hill found out the results Tuesday.

"I PASSED," Hill wrote in a Facebook post, according to NBC Chicago. "I am SO happy I get to be a lawyer officially and am so thankful that I got here. Now, I am going to go celebrate with my cute little family."

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