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Norwalk man rampages in mall; on-lookers help detain him

NORWALK — Police say a Norwalk man was arrested after a disturbance at the Bloomingdale’s at the SoNo Collection Mall. FOX61 obtained new video Frid...

NORWALK -- Police say a Norwalk man was arrested after a disturbance at the Bloomingdale's at the SoNo Collection Mall.

FOX61 obtained new video Friday afternoon that captured that arrest.

On Monday, police were called to the store on the report of an assault.

Callers stated a man, who police have identified as Jason Gilbertie, was inside the store and destroying numerous things that's the same time where on-lookers noticed the man having a destructive fit.

“ I thought at first that somebody was shooting in the mall, like the news let me watch on the news and we think that this will never happen to me.," said Saul Medina who says he was just shopping for his wife when he came upon this in incident and when he decided to record he says while watching in shock Gilbertie looked his way.

Medina said, “He was looking at me like… Nothing, you see the guy and he looks like he’s empty inside. He must’ve been under something drugs, alcohol. “

Police say when confronted by a security guard, Gilbertie reportedly threw items at them and tried to punch them. Another security guard tried to pepper spray Gilbertie.

Good Samaritans, like Medina said when the pepper-spray didn’t work that’s when they stepped in.

Medina said, “So I just said go for it and jumped on him, put them on the ground somebody jumped behind me and try to help me out in the girl, the female, just a pepper sprayed him in the face and went crazy.”

Responding police officers took Gilbertie into custody after a brief struggle, according to officials. We also see that in a new video FOX61 obtained.

Lt. Jared Zwickler with the Norwalk Police Department responded to the incident. “The citizen was brought under control rather quickly, our patrol division responded based on the occupancy of the building they responded swiftly and they were able to arrest him within a matter of minutes,” said Lt. Zwickler.

Police said there were some reports of "shots fired” but confirmed that there were no shots fired during the incident.

One security guard and another person sustained minor injuries during the incident.