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One phone call can help make the back-to-school transition easier

Families looking for help as the summer break comes to end, can find it by calling 211.
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In just a week, the summer break will end and children will return to the classrooms.

That means parents have just a few more days to get things in order.

United Way is providing a variety of avenues for families having trouble getting things in order.

Transitioning from summer break to the start of a new school year can be overwhelming.

“This time of year is so busy, ” said Cathy Miller, Community Impact Director for United Way.   

It’s the time of year when students and their parents are both making adjustments, preparing to get back to their normal routines.

“We have a great history of helping people in need. That could be somebody that’s really struggling financially,” said Miller.  

So for parents looking for those critical resources, United Way has options worth looking into.

“Whether they’re looking for healthcare and those shots that they need before they start school, whether they’re looking for after school or child care,” said Miler.  

The agency serves as a catalyst, connecting those who can help with people in need. All you have to do is dial 2-1-1.

“They’ll be able to tell families about resources that are close by, ” said Cathy Miller.  

“After school care is a really big deal, ” said Sabrina Helm.  

For working parents, after school care can also be expensive.

“Her mom is a single mom and she works later cause she works retail on most nights, ” said Helm.  

Helm’s sister works hours when her daughter is out of school. Her family knows the importance of finding proper after school care.

United Way has a partnership with places like the Boys and Girls Club and Girls, Inc.

By dialing 2-1-1, parents can get set up with agencies that work with low income families or families in need for the moment.

“I’m sure that other options would be nice, ” said Helm.  

And families can use 2-1-1 to make their back-to-school transformation a little bit easier.

When calling 2-1-1, you should have a few things on hand. Your child’s age range, location and days and hours of need are all crucial to finding the right sources.

Click the links for more information on 2-1-1 and United Way.