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Marijuana is legal in CT starting on July 1 | What you need to know

Here are a few fast facts on the marijuana bill that goes into effect tomorrow.

CONNECTICUT, USA — Beginning on July 1, marijuana for adult use will be legal in the state of Connecticut. 

So what does that mean for residents across the state? 

FOX61 answers some of the questions you may have regarding legal cannabis use in Connecticut. 

When does marijuana become legal and how much can I have? 

Starting on July 1, residents 21-years and older will be able to legally have 1.5 ounces of marijuana. Up to 5 ounces will be allowed in a locked container in one's home or in your car's trunk or glove box. 

When will I be able to buy at dispensaries or grow my own cannabis plats? 

Residents will have to wait longer to grow and buy cannabis from dispensaries. 

Retail sales are expected to begin in 2022 and residents will be able to grow plants starting on July 1, 2023. One will not be able to grow more than 12 pot plants at a time per household. 

Can dispensaries be built in any town? 

No, towns and municipalities will have the option to deny dispensaries from operating within their borders. 

Will you be able to use cannabis anywhere? 

Residents will not be able to smoke in certain areas including state parks or while driving.  

Can an employer have a policy prohibiting marijuana use?

The relevant sections start with Section 97 on Page 148 and runs through Section 104 of the bill. Here is an excerpt: 

 An employer may implement a policy prohibiting the possession, use or other consumption of cannabis by an employee, except (A) as provided in section 21a-408p of the general statutes, and (B) for possession of palliative cannabis by a qualifying patient under chapter 420f of the general statutes, provided such policy is: (i) In writing in either physical or electronic form, and (ii) made available to each employee prior to the enactment of such policy. The employer shall make any such policy available to each prospective employee at the time the employer makes an offer or conditional offer of employment to the prospective employee. 

No employer shall discharge from employment or take any adverse action against any employee or prospective employee with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, refusal to hire or other privileges of employment because such employee or prospective employee had or had not smoked, vaped, aerosolized or otherwise used cannabis products outside of the workplace before such employee or prospective employee was employed by such employer, unless failing to do so would put the employer in violation of a federal contract or cause it to lose federal funding.

Click here to read the bill.

Recreational marijuana now legal in Connecticut

It’s now legal to light up in Connecticut. “My gut reaction is I do not like it, because I think it is an introductory drug to all other drugs,” says Gordon Jones who works in Hartford.

The law which goes into effect Thursday does have the support of New Haven’s Health Director.

“I think there are definitely a lot of health benefits to cannabis,” says Maritza Bond.

If you’re over 21 you’re allowed to have one-and-a-half ounces of marijuana on you. and up to five ounces locked in your home or car.

“I definitely support the bill, but I think like any other tobacco product we are going to have to make sure that we follow some safety provisions when it comes to public consumption and also that it can cause impairment while driving.”

The law allows for retail operations starting next year with communities getting the chance opt out.

"I’m glad Connecticut has taken this step, we still have work to do at the federal level to make sure that states can continue to move forward with legalization, that commercial operators have access to traditional banking, we have work to do federally to allow states to make these moves, but I am glad Connecticut has finally turned the corner here,” US Senator Chris Murphy told Fox 61’s Keith McGilvery.

Home grows with a maximum of 12 plants per household can start in 2023. Fox 61 viewers asking what the new law will mean for the workplace as well.

“If someone is a recreational user not in the workplace, it is going to be treated similar to alcohol, alcohol consumption, alcohol intoxication, workplace performance are all going to be relevant issues,” says attorney Andrew Glassman with Pullman & Comley.

Smoking restrictions that apply to places like schools, restaurants, bars and retail shops will now apply to marijuana.

“I am just asking that our community continue to be safe and that to follow the provisions and also respect the policies around smoking throughout the community so that others who may not want to be exposed to second hand smoke or things of that nature are not going to be exposed.”




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