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Spokesperson: No 'pre-cooked' Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams ticket

Stacey Abrams' former campaign manager also weighed in.

WASHINGTON - A spokesperson for Joe Biden is shutting down rumors that Stacey Abrams is an early pick for running mate in a possible presidential campaign.

Bill Russo tweeted that Biden "has an enormous amount of respect" for Stacey Abrams adding that "it was why he endorsed her." However, he added that "rumors about discussions on a pre-cooked ticket are false, plain and simple."

Stacey Abrams' own former campaign manager also chimed in after the message adding that Abrams enjoyed meeting with Biden, the former vice president under Barack Obama, but also echoed Russo's sentiments.

"There was no grand plan hatched and no additional conversations between the two of them or our teams since," Lauren Groh-Wargo said. "She will meet with any potential or declared candidates for pres who ask while she keeps all options for herself on the table."

At this time, Biden hasn't actually announced whether he intends to run for president in 2020 - though supporters have been asking the question for months.

Since giving the Democratic response to the State of the Union, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate has received continued national attention, both for the battle that election battle she waged beforehand and Fair Fight Georgia the organization she launched during a fiery concession speech.

She has also weighed in on legislation making its way through the Georgia legislature - particularly the Republican-led "heartbeat bill" which passed the State Senate on Friday.

Abrams called the bill, which would make abortion unlawful in the state after a fetal heartbeat is detected, draconian.