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State’s Attorney concludes Hartford officer involved shooting justified

HARTFORD – The State’s Attorney’s office has come to a conclusion on the Officer-involved shooting that killed 41-year-old Alphonso Zaporta. They conclude...

HARTFORD - The State’s Attorney’s office has come to a conclusion on the Officer-involved shooting that killed 41-year-old Alphonso Zaporta. They concluded that the July 26th shooting was justified. Zaporta’s mother talked exclusively with FOX61 about the findings that she calls “bogus”.

"I’m very heartbroken at this point," said Olivia Richard, the mother of Zaporta. "There’s a hole in my heart. I won’t see my son again."

Richard met with officials at the State’s Attorney’s office in Tolland to hear the conclusion of the five-and-a-half-month investigation. The report concluded that based on the extensive evidence gathered, Zaporta’s death was justified under Connecticut state law.

"This officer murdered my son in cold blood. Shot him three times in the back of the head," said Richard. "How do you tell me as his mother after seeing that."

Zaporta had two active warrants out for his arrest and was believed to be behind a shooting on July 9th. Undercover detectives pulled over his black Nisson Maxima at a traffic stop but Zaporta sped off. You can see his car fly past the Shell station on Capital Avenue moments before turning onto the I-84 ramp. Construction traffic halted Zaporta’s car allowing officers to approach on foot.

Body camera footage shows Zaporta reach out of the car and grab an officer's gun. The video shows an officer fight back by hitting Zaporta with his baton two times to no effect.

The report states that the Hartford Police issued gun holster was broken during the struggle. Screws broke off that attached the holster to the belt clip allowing Zaporta to get a hold of the gun. Zaporta was pulled to the ground. The report stated his hands were on the gun.

Detective Zack Sherry fired three shots at Zaporta hitting him in the head. The shots were fatal.

The passenger in the car, Marquis Treadwell, surrendered without a struggle. The report states he told police that Zaporta quote "wants to die". Later saying Zaporta screamed “I’m ready to die before" opening the door to confront police.

Hartford Police Interim Chief Jason Thody issued a statement in part saying, “Our obligation as police officers is to use force as a last resort. In this case, it is clear that our officers and those civilians present on the on-ramp that night were in imminent danger.”

Mayor Luke Bronin also saying, "My heart goes out to the family of Mr. Zaporta, as well as to the officers who will live with the memory of this event for the rest of their lives.”

While a mother remains heartbroken.

"God sees everything he knows everything. This is unnecessary justice," said Richard.

Richard went on to say she no longer has trust in police and only God.

Police also found a loaded gun in the car that was reported stolen. The detectives who were involved were back on duty a month after the shooting.