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There’s snow in those Northwest hills!

NORFOLK— Snow came down on the Northwest Hills of the state causing some to change their plans for the evening and others took advantage of the fresh powder. FO...

FOX61 was monitoring the roadways when a crew came across Brandy Sharack and her son shoveling their driveway in Norfolk. 

“We’re shoveling unfortunately, it’s pretty cold and it’s snowing, “ said Sharack. 

Local resident say this part of the state is called the “Ice Box” and although Brandy and her son weren’t worried, they certainly were precautions. 

Brandy said, “Well this really isn’t snow, I know it looks like snow, but it’s not a whole lot of snow, this is more slushy so the snow blower isn’t as effective on the slush.”

For some residents, the fresh blanket of white was a surprise. 
Garth Dougherty describes the winter weather to FOX61 and said, “It came on and it came on strong”

Bailey Campbell echoed and said, “It was kind of unexpected to see all of this snow out here, but it’s a pleasant surprise.”

A surprise residents say made them think twice about hitting the roadways without being fully prepared. 

“So definitely go slow out there, the snow can be really pretty, but make sure you have control over your vehicle on the roads,” said Campbell. 

Others who are from the area say it’s time to hunker down.  

Garth Dougherty said, “We just getting through it man... turn up the heat, the heat is expensive, the oil is expensive but we get through it. We like it.”

As a reminder when coming out in these conditions make sure you bundle and layer up.