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VERIFY: Is the coronavirus in Rome, Georgia?

A post shared hundreds of times in an hour has people worried in Northwest Georgia.

ATLANTA — It was the Facebook post heard 'round the world Tuesday. Or at least seen throughout Floyd County.

A concerned citizen posted that she’d heard someone had been diagnosed with coronavirus and was possibly being treated at Redmond Urgent Care in Rome. The poster went on to say she heard East Rome was in lockdown.

Is Coronavirus in Rome, Georgia?

No, this is FALSE.


11Alive News reached out to the Georgia Department of Health Northwest District. Logan Boss told us there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Rome. He also said East Rome has never been on lockdown.

Our second source was Andrea Pitts with Redmond Regional Medical Center. It was Redmond’s Urgent Care facility that supposedly was treating or had responded to the alleged coronavirus patient. 

She issued this statement:

“There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at any Redmond facility, nor has there been any lockdown.”

On Tuesday, the Georgia Department of Health said there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Georgia, but about 200 people in the state are "self-monitoring" for symptoms after recent returns from China.

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Georgia Department of Health Northwest District

Redmond Regional Medical Center


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