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Opinion | Tennessee’s Republican representatives’ clueless stand on masks in schools defies science, health experts, and common sense | Richard Ransom

Sexton wants Gov. Lee to call a special session so Republican representatives can pass law to ban mask mandates in schools.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In Wednesday’s Ransom Note: masking up.

The state of Tennessee runs commercials supporting it, doctors tell us flu and cold cases were way down last year because of masks, but still people want to make it an issue of the government telling them what to do.

You know, like when the government tells us to stop at a red light for our safety or obey a certain speed limit or not to smoke in a restaurant. But thanks to the politics of COVID-19, some parents want to claim face masks are different, despite COVID pediatric cases being the highest ever.

There was a sickening display by parents in the Nashville suburb of Franklin Tuesday night, as they harassed pro-mask parents exiting a Williamson County school board meeting, some of whom are doctors and nurses, after the board passed a temporary mask mandate.

So, Wednesday Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton --who represents the thriving metropolis of Crossville, Tennessee and clearly understands the challenges facing larger school systems-- saw a political opportunity. He asked Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to call a special session of the legislature to restrict local authorities' power to impose mask mandates, saying: "It is the utmost urgency to move quickly due to the potential of significant harm to Tennesseans."

Let's get real, Speaker Sexton. Even if you believe masks are worthless, no one's suffering significant harm. So far Governor Lee hasn't decided if he'll call that special session.

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