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The Carolina Hurricanes unveil retro Whalers uniforms and people aren't having it

The logo was changed to look like the old Whalers jersey, complete with the blue and green colors.
Credit: FOX61

NORTH CAROLINA, USA — For a lot of people in Connecticut the Hartford Whalers never really left. 

The now Carolina Hurricanes moved the team in 1997 but you can still see people walking around Hartford or New Haven wearing the Whaler Blue and Green. 

In fact, the color scheme was so popular, the Hartford Yard Goats chose them for their uniforms and logos. 

So when the Hurricanes unveiled their new profile pic of the old Hartford Whalers logo, people were just not having it. 

In the Twitter post which has some five thousand likes, people were not happy and showed it. 

One person in the thread asked if the Canes were under contract to mention the Whalers every year, while another said to stop using the logo. 

The aforementioned Yard Goats tweeted the current Carolina logo writing #newprofilepic. 

The Hurricanes wore the retro jerseys Friday night in their bout against the Chicago Blackhawks.