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CT Bucket List: Maritime Aquarium

CT Bucket List: Maritime Aquarium

NORWALK, Conn. — The Maritime Aquarium is swimming with sharks and team member, Rachel Stein knows them well.

“We go diving in this tank several times a week and the sharks just kind of swim right on by us like they don’t even mind,” says Stein.

Here six Sand Tiger Sharks and one Lemon Shark fill a massive tank, and a short walk away, the jellyfish, Stein’s specialty. “Just like any other animal out in the sound they are an important part of the ecosystem, actually voracious predators,” she says.

The Norwalk attraction has been teaching visitors about the creatures who live just off Connecticut’s coast for more than 30 years.
If you visit this weekend you’ll notice some changes all in an effort to keep guests safe.

“We are not as crowded as we used to be Intentionally, We are limiting the number of people we will allow in the aquarium every half hour,” says spokesperson, Dave Sigworth.

With field trips canceled and some fans still not ready to Mask-up and make the trip the aquarium is offering 25 distance learning opportunities for students as part of its award-winning education program.

“Our ability to bring the aquarium and our exciting animals and activities into the classroom Inspires students, it also gives Teachers a bit of a break, So they can prepare their next lessons,” says aquarium education director, Tom Naiman.

If you find you love what you’re learning Stein tells young people to stick with it and you might just end up on her team some day. “If you are interested In something, you really just embrace that interest and learn as much as you can about it, says Stein.

If you want to visit the maritime aquarium you need to get tickets ahead of time by making a reservation online.