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#CTBucketlist: Connecticut River Museum

Celebrating the natural and cultural history of the Connecticut River

Looking for some indoor fun?

”The Connecticut River Museum is here to celebrate and to promote the natural and cultural history of the Connecticut River it’s valley and people,” said Suzanne Burns, director of education at The Connecticut River Museum.

At the museum you can explore three floors, which feature different exhibits showcasing the history of Essex.

“We have been able to tell a cohesive story of what happened here in Essex, and also along the length of the river,” said Burns.

But that fun... also goes outdoors!

”Most people don’t ever get a chance to go out on a boat on a river in the middle of the winter,” said Mark Yuknat, captain of the boat that partners with the museum.

The Connecticut River Museum offers winter wildlife eagle cruises, and you never know what you are going to see!

”We think that every time we see a bird it’s like our first time seeing a bird,” said Burns. “So we like to shares that enthusiasm with everyone,”said Burns.

”It’s so great to be outside in the middle of the winter, you know when you get those winter doldrums,” said naturalist, Cathy Malin. “It’s so nice to come out here on the river, and there’s nobody else out here.”

Believe it or not, the cold temperatures actually help you get a better view too.

”When you come out here in the winter there’s no leaves on the trees so you can really see what’s going on,” said Malin.

”My husband and I are both avid birders, newly retired, so we go out as often as we can,” said Kristin Graham it Old Saybrook. “If we can get on this boat, we do, I think this is probably our 15th time.”

So whether you’re a seasoned boater, or doing this for the first time, the shock and awe never ceases to amaze.

“You don’t realize the nature until you get out here and you just see the beauty of it all,” said Graham. “It’s amazing to see what the birds can do, the eagles especially.”

“It’s peaceful it’s... it’s just beautiful,” said Graham. “I can’t explain it any other way, it’s just a beautiful quiet place to be.”

So don’t let the cold scare you away, it’s been a mild winter so if you want to enjoy one of these winter boat cruises you have until March 15th.