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2021 summer survival guide for the Valley

From traveling to water safety, here are four tips for a safe summer in Arizona.

PHOENIX — Memorial Day is fast approaching and the unofficial kickoff to summer. Here are four things to watch out for to keep your family and your money safe.

Road Trips

Chances are, many people haven't driven very far since the start of the pandemic which could mean that their cars aren't prepared for road trips.

AAA Arizona said that it’s a good idea to get your car checked out if it has been sitting idle for so long.

“We have seen an increase in people calling about their vehicles,” AAA Arizona’s Aldo Vazquez said. “It’s really important to make sure you keep that maintenance going regularly.”

AAA said to also double-check tires, change window wipers and top off essential fluids before hitting the road.

Another essential tip is to ensure batteries are still going strong. The heat in Arizona paired with a lack of use could lead to power issues. 

Travel Scams

Everyone wants to find a deal on a hotel, flights or rental houses, and scammers know that.

“They will definitely take advantage of that,” the Better Business Bureau’s Kryistyna Hook said.

The BBB said to watch out for fake sites and fake rentals. Make sure websites are real and not copycats. And if you see a deal, especially on social media, that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

And the BBB said be careful how you pay for things. Cash transfer apps like Venmo and Zelle may not have any recourse to get your money back if you get scammed.

“You want to make sure you know what those policies are before you utilize them, Hook said.


It seems obvious, but heat-related illnesses happen every year.

Don’t hike in the heat of the day. Make sure you go early enough that the temperatures aren’t too high.

And bring plenty of water with you.

A good rule of thumb in hiking is 1 liter for every hour. That equals two regular-sized bottles of water every hour.

Water Safety

We can’t say it enough: watch your kids around water.

Make sure your pool fence is sturdy and intact and your gate is self-closing.

If you’re headed somewhere without a pool fence, don’t leave your kids alone and always know where they are

Remember, drowning doesn’t make a sound, unlike in movies. It only takes a second for a kid to fall in.

Arizona Weather 

Arizona has seen its fair share of severe weather. Here is a compilation of videos from various storms across the Grand Canyon state.

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