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Eversource and public works help Woodbury rapidly recover from storm damage

Town officials expect nearly everyone to have power back by midnight.

WOODBURY, Connecticut — The clean up is on for people in Woodbury. Weather experts are investigating whether or not a tornado touched down during Thursday afternoon's storm. 

"Once that rain started and that wind picked up, we knew it was going to be a problem," said Deputy Fire Chief, Dave Lampart.

The calls to emergency services came in immediately after that. 

"For trees down with wires, arcing wires, wires on fire," said Lampart. 

The rapidly moving storm brought damaging winds that brought trees down throughout town. Over 5,200 residents would lose power.  

"It was as if I was on the inside of a ship liner looking out a window. There was just a sheet of gray and dark. I couldn’t even see the other side of the campus," said Whit Balliett. 

The storm caught the Balliett family by surprise. They didn’t expect to see such tree damage from a storm so soon after Tropical Strom Isaias.  

"There were about five or six of them all down in one spot," said Balliett. 

Those trees are now neatly piled up off on the side of the road. No longer blocking the entrance into Hollow Park. In fact, Woodbury public works have cleared every blocked roadway in less than 24 hours.  

"They are amazing out there and I cannot thank them enough for the work that they do for the town," said First Selectman Barbara Perkinson. 

Eversource was also quick to respond. Perkinson says that Eversource had over 30 crews working simultaneously in town to restore power. They checked in every hour with updates. Less than 100 people remain offline.  

"Two weeks ago they just wanted their power back on. It’s been a little faster than last time," said Perkinson. 

Town officials expect nearly everyone to have power back by midnight.