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Neighbors in North Branford emerge from wrath of winds with storm stories

Eversource and UI reported thousand of power outages most coming from the southern half of the state.

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. — “The sound, the track, you could just see the way it went through,” said Candice Malliard, who spent ten tense minutes in her basement when a line of storms ripped through her Branford neighborhood. 

“I thought I wasn’t going to have a house or have a roof,” Malliard said. The high winds, now being investigated as a possible tornado left downed trees all over Malliard’s yard and left a small hole in her roof. 

“We have our health and our lives and we’re good,” Malliard said.

Not far from the Malliard’s home on Totoket Road, David Goodman was surveying the scenes all around North Branford. Goodman, a meteorologist who is based in Upton, New York was in North Branford and surrounding towns as part of the team from the National Weather Service.

“Some places there might have been a tornado and some places there might have been straight-line winds, I have to look at all the damage,” Goodman said. Before he got into his car to check out the next street Goodman added, “on heels of Isaias it seems like it’s never-ending this year.”


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