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'Unrelenting' heatwave fueled in part by high overnight temperatures

Overnight temperatures play a big role in the current heatwave. With no time of the day to escape the heat, some Treasure Valley residents are concerned.

BOISE, Idaho — Boise just experienced nine straight days of temperatures over 100 degrees. While it’s making headlines, the National Weather Service is more interested in gauging this heat wave by looking at the coldest part of the day.

“A lot of time that overnight low will be the more important thing,” NWS Science and Operations Officer Tim Barker said. "It's unrelenting. Multiple days of high heat will eventually bring up the lows."

Boise just ended an 11-day streak of the overnight temperate staying above 70 degrees. The previous record was five days, according to NWS.

“I think that's what sets this past event apart from the earlier ones, was having so much warmer nighttime lows,” Barker said. “It cools off a little, it looks like in the extended, but nothing on the horizon yet that would really be dramatic cooling.”

With one heat-related death reported in Canyon County this week, Cole LeFavour, a Boise resident, has a serious concern for the people of the Treasure Valley.

“I just really worry for all the folks that really don't have cooling. I see people out here sleeping on the street because they can't afford rent,” LaFavour said. “Something I did, cause I lived lots of years without air conditioning, is taking a wet cloth – even a towel because it will stay wet for a long time – and laying it on your chest or back when you sleep really helps.”

Ada County Paramedics recommend drinking water throughout the day, staying indoors, using air condition when available, and keeping to the shade. If someone is experiencing symptoms such as speech problems, fainting, or unconsciousness that’s when people should call 911, according to Ada County Paramedics.

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