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Connecticut Primary Election 2020: FOX61 on air and online has all the information voters need for the 2020 Elections in Connecticut. From information about absentee ballots, to candidates, to where to vote, to results on Election Day, you'll be able to find it all here with real time results. Connecticut's primary is August 11 and is open to registered Democrats and Republicans. The general election is November 3 and is open to all registered voters. Find out how to register, when and how you can vote, and get more information on the candidates running for office at fox61.com. In November, Connecticut voters will be voting for President, all five U.S. Representatives, state representatives and state senators, and some local officials and issues. Everyone will be voting for president. Then, there will be different voting options depending on the town you live in. With COVID-19, voters may choose to vote by absentee ballot. FOX61 has information to help you through the application process. Use the resources at fox61.com and on air to help make your decision and participate in our democracy. Find real-time 2020 election results for Connecticut on this page on August 11, 2020 and watch the live results on FOX61 on air.