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34 more laid off from Dept. Social Services; Notices going out to Judicial Branch workers on Thursday

HARTFORD–Another round of layoff notices were sent to state employees on Wednesday as the state government continues to work on eliminating the $922 milli...
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HARTFORD–Another round of layoff notices were sent to state employees on Wednesday as the state government continues to work on eliminating the $922 million deficit we face for Fiscal Year 2017, starting July 1.

Thirty-four employees with the Department of Social Services received layoff notices on Wednesday. That news comes just one day after 43 layoff notices were handed out in the department.

So far this week, in addition to the DSS layoffs, 106 were laid off from the Department of Children and Families; 83 from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services; and four from the Department of Economic and Community Development.

On Wednesday, several state union workers arrived at the Legislative Office Building with letters to Gov. Dan Malloy asking him to rescind the more-than 200 layoff notices sent to date, and to stop any more from happening.

So far, all of the layoffs have been within the Executive Branch, and those layoffs are immediate–employees are no longer reporting to work, though they will be paid for the remainder of their contracts.

However, FOX 61 has learned that on Thursday, layoff notices will be handed out to employees in the Judicial Branch of the state government.

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In a letter sent to Judicial Branch employees on Wednesday, it said, “The layoffs of State employees has already commenced in the Executive Branch.  Regrettably and unavoidably, we must now start the process of downsizing the Judicial Branch workforce.”

Those layoffs, which will be based on “seniority,” will be effective as of June 24 “in accord with our existing practice and procedures,” and to give “each of the affected employees as much notice as possible regarding these life-altering actions.”

“This is, by far, the most difficult action that we have had to take as Chief Justice and Chief Court Administrator,” said the letter sent to employees by Chief Justice Chase Rogers and Judge Patrick Carroll. “Each Judicial Branch employee was hired with the expectation that he or she would have a long and successful career within the Branch. We are truly sorry that these actions must now be taken, and we recognize that these layoffs will significantly affect the lives of our employees and their families.”

That letter also states that courthouses and offices will be closed to consolidate operations and reduce costs within the branch. Other methods to reduce costs include eliminating programs that help offenders: “We are also looking at reducing and eliminating programs that provide vital rehabilitative and treatment services to juvenile and adult offenders.  We have no choice given the magnitude of the proposed budget cuts to the Branch.”

A specific number was not provided for how many will be laid off in the Judicial Branch.

Gov. Dan Malloy has said there may be in excess of 2,000 layoffs coming in the next several weeks.

Stay with FOX 61 as more information continues to come in regarding layoffs and the state budget.

You can read the full budget proposal here.

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