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Meet Rhonda: Newington schools’ way of announcing snow days

When it comes to calling a snow day, no one calls it quite like Rhonda. “Guess who… yes it’s Rhonda, and I am so sorry to call and wake you up...

When it comes to calling a snow day, no one calls it quite like Rhonda.

"Guess who... yes it's Rhonda, and I am so sorry to call and wake you up," says Rhonda.

Rhonda is the automated robot who calls in snow days for schools in Newington.

"I think that was hilarious," says Katherine Simone, a 5th grader at Martin Kellogg Middle School.

Rhonda has become a celebrity of sorts in Newington.

"Who are we kidding," says Rhonda. "I am really not sorry at all but I am programed to be polite… blah blah blah."

Rhonda has been calling the last few snow days for local schools, and these calls have become something that many look forward to.
"I save them on my cell phone," says Marianne Simone of Newington. "I let them go right to voicemail just so I can save them and listen to them later."

Parents and kids alike have all come to love Rhonda.

"I say that she is really sarcastic," says Juliet Simone, and 8th grader at Martin Kellogg.

Many say Rhonda's sarcasm, and humor adds a bit of happiness to their day.

"I think she’s great," says Marianne. "I think a little levity in every day is always nice to have, and I think it’s fun that it is so playful."

For those wondering just how playful Rhonda gets... here is a snippet of her call Wednesday morning.

"So here is the dealio, if you look outside, don’t do it now because I don’t have all day, but it may look like rain or light snow now, but around 11 o clock, according to the news, the skies are supposed to open , and locusts will come down, and everyone will be crashing into one another," says Rhonda.

It also seems like she has a bone to pick with our meteorologists.
"I am telling you those boys are working my very last nerve," says Rhonda. "So to avoid the locusts, school will be closed today."

Closed today. Those are the only words that matter to a child.
"Please go back to bed while I work my fingers to end up calling everyone else," says Rhonda.

But some say, Wednesday wasn't her funniest performance.

"She’s been funnier, and I think this one was a little bit long winded but the message came out and it was cute," says Marianne. "They got the day off, and the kids are happy."
And if you are going to hear about a snow day, wouldn't you want Rhonda to be the one to call you?

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