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A few quirks to filing 2021 taxes

And what if you never got your stimulus checks?

GLASTONBURY, Conn. — If you haven't filed your taxes yet -- don't worry because the IRS has decided to give taxpayers extra time to file their 20-20 individual federal tax returns as a result of the pandemic.

The deadline has been extended to May 17th. However -- this does *not* include estimated quarterly tax payments which are *still* due April 15.

If you are someone who still has yet to receive your stimulus checks, there is a way to claim that money back when filing your taxes. Angel Li with FML Accounting in Glastonbury explained how to do this to make sure you get your money.

"There is a new line item called recovery rebate credit. This is where you can report that. If you're using software at home like Turbo Tax, my understanding is that there's a question that asks you, "Hey did you receive a stimulus check, one and two?" Make sure you answer that correctly and accurately although it will calculate that recovery rebate for you," said Li. "If you're using a tax advisor, at FML we have a standard list of questions and that's one of them. But if you don't have a standard list of questions, make sure you're proactively telling your tax advisor, 'Hey I received it', or 'hey I did not receive it.'

Li also added if you do not have tax liability due in 20-20, you can *still* get that stimulus in cash where you can get up to 18-hundred dollars.

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