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State issues guidance on what businesses and nonprofits are "essential"

Dept. of Economic & Community Development provides listings;

HARTFORD, Conn. — On Friday, Governor Lamont issued Executive Order 7H, directing all 'non-essential' businesses and nonprofits in Connecticut to use telecommuting or work from home procedures to reduce their in-person, on-location workforce down to zero. 

What was essential or non-essential was sketched out in the Governor's order. On Sunday night, the Department of Economic & Community Development issued a detailed list of what businesses and nonprofits are essential. That 'guidance' requested by the Governor will be 'lawfully binding' according to the Governor's order.

Many businesses were expected to be on the list: healthcare, manufacturing, defense contractors, and businesses involved in the food supply.

On Sunday the president of the state's largest business lobby said some businesspeople were anxiously asking him what their fate was likely to be. 

"I’ve been hearing from warehouses, distributors and others that service manufacturing, but are not manufacturers. Same for construction", said Joe Brennan of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association. 

Looks like most of those people can breathe a sigh of relief. The scope of essential businesses in manufacturing and construction is fairly broad. You can read all of DECD's guidance here.   

Brennan said "There is a lot of specificity under some of these areas. I do think the administration tried to strike a balance between protecting the people of the state of Connecticut, but also to keep our economy functioning as much as possible." 

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