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Stefanowski pipeline to face masks helping those on front

Stefanowski has engaged both Democrats and Republicans across the state to identify need.

MADISON, Connecticut — Partisan politics can certainly get nasty, but during this coronavirus pandemic, there’s been far more bipartisanship. One example: how highly coveted face masks are being the procured by Ken Group for those on the front lines in Connecticut.

Bob Stefanowski, 2018 GOP gubernatorial candidate,  and his wife, Amy, through connections, have been able to purchase and distribute about a half million masks over the last week. And, Mr. Stefanowski says it’s stunning to find out how many first responders don’t have necessary masks.

“You go to some of the nursing homes and people are infected in the nursing homes and some of the aides don’t even have a mask,” said Bob Stefanowski. “So, I’ll tell you, when we dropped off these things off, the people are so appreciative it’s just been a terrific thing to do for everybody involved.”

Stefanowski has engaged both Democrats and Republicans across the state to identify need.

“Congressman Courtney up here in our part of the state has been helping,” he noted. “And the House Republicans, Vincent Candelora, and his team have been amazing. We gave some to Joe Ganim and Bridgeport.”

But, to make sure they can serve as many frontliners as possible they set up a foundation, which anyone can contribute to.

“The charity is called masksforheroesct.org,” Smy Stefanowski. “And we are working with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven to raise money to buy masks.”

The foundation purchases the masks at $.75 apiece and 100% of the donations go toward purchasing and distributing the masks throughout the state.

“First responders, healthcare workers, nursing homes, social groups that need it, people at soup kitchens and some food pantries, domestic violence centers,” said Mrs. Stefanowski.

Even municipal employees throughout the state.

“We've had people crying when we drop these off,” Bob Stefanowski said. “thanks They are so worried about getting infected. But they still go out there and then do the right thing.”

To date, this team effort has resulted in hundreds of thousands of masks being issued to facilities in roughly 125 communities in Connecticut. Click here for more information.

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